The Lodge at Hope Church


Part of a church, and the center of their youth ministry, the Lodge at Hope Church is an event space for students and teens to host musical and dramatic events, lectures, and any number of other services including worship and special events in Richmond, Virginia. The design of the building was to be a large, light-filled open hall space with heavy timbered post and beam construction to accommodate the various flexible program requirements of large group gatherings. To achieve the openness and lightness of the space, the timber trusses span around 40 feet in width. The cupola, which is over 40 feet in length and helps to bring additional light to the space, was built on site from 8×8 heavy timbers and then hoisted by crane to the top of the church. Finished with shiplap siding throughout the building at both the exterior and interior, the building also features metal framed windows from St. Cloud Window, which echo the style the old factory sash windows of an industrial hall building.

Completed: 2016

Designer: Bushman Dreyfus Architects