Wyatt Mountain Retreat


Set upon 100 acres on top of a ridge along Flat Top Mountain overlooking much of Albemarle county and the piedmont area, Wyatt Mountain Retreat is a bespoke residence of traditional timber frame mortise and tenon detailing and natural materials throughout. The timbers were harvested from trees that grew and then milled on site with a portable bandsaw. Various wood species included poplar, chestnut oak, white and red oak, hickory, black locust, and loblolly pine. The house features straw bale insulation with walls around two feet thick, covered with stucco at both the exterior and interior. The windows have concrete sills to pair with the thickness of walls and are reminiscent of an Italian Tuscan villa. Materials within the house reflect a true authenticity of character and craftsmanship: the floors in the downstairs area are large travertine and slate tiles in elaborate decorative patterns, the kitchen and bathroom feature custom botanical tiles made by Matthew’s wife, Suzanne Crane, of Mud Dauber Pottery Studio, the cabinetry is in Craftsman style of oiled cherry and walnut, and the fireplace is made from reclaimed limestone from a nearby root cellar in the Shenandoah Valley. The house was completed by Matthew Crane in 1998, and a second phase was added on by Arterra in 2011.

Completed: 1998, addition in 2011

Designer: Matthew Crane (original house), Arterra (addition)