Greenwood Tudor


Situated atop of a hill overlooking the peach orchards, this 1920’s Tudor cottage in Greenwood, Virginia features stone walls at the foundation and first floor, stucco and half timbering on the upper floor, and slate roofing and beautiful brick chimneys. With the historic nature of this home, the primary goal of this addition was to preserve the design intent of the original architecture. The program included two separate porches for a place to relax and to enjoy the views of the peach orchards beyond. The front porch is open with a shed roof and centered gable at the entry, supported by two timber braces. The second porch is a screened porch addition at the side of the house and is a classic rectangular pavilion with heavy timber fir trusses and posts. This latter porch incorporates a queen post truss design with arching braces based upon the existing half-timbered proportions. The field stones for the foundation walls of the porches were dug from a foundation hole where the building addition was built. Both porches are finished with reclaimed soapstone for the flooring from a nearby site in Charlottesville.

Completed: 2019

Designer: Arterra